TGMG Inc has partnered with a production facility in Australia to make some of it’s most popular products. This allows TGMG to respond to it’s customers more quickly in this region, another step forward.

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TGMG’s XGen Electro-Chlorination systems has been successfully installed aboard Holland America’s Westerdam for the treatment & santization of all Grey Water. Our XGen 40 has been designed to work with the Grey Water, Sea Water, and Electricity to generate the necessary sanitizer on line hands free. Why handle chlorine when we can design a system to produce your chlorination needs for many of your systems abaord.

TGMG -“Innovative Solutions That Meet Traditional Problems”

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TGMG Inc is a full service company that specializes in innovative and traditional technologies, and often merging the two, to improve our environment and lives, healthier and cleaner, with a GREEN APPROACH. – Now we would like to introduce you to BioZone – an innovative technology that is safe to not only eliminate odors but eliminate their source, while cleaning the air and surfaces promoting a cleaner environment.

Applications are designed and proven to solve specific, customer identified odor problems. BioZone technology a photo plasma is used around the world in demanding circumstances for neutralizing microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, mold, slime, fungi, and yeast), which are some of the causes of odor, VOC’s, and other contaminants. Elimination of Smoke Smells too.

How BioZone Products Work:
• Photo Catalytic Oxidation process destroys VOC catalytically on material surfaces
• Photoplasma eliminates the of micro-organisms and reduces the reproductive capability number of micro-organisms and then forms back to O2 and H2O
• Inside the machine Deep-UV-light sterilizes microorganisms that pass through
• Negative Ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air
• Ozone obliterates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and removes odor from the air

Ice Machine, Trash Rooms, Smoking Lounges, General Air Care for rooms, and much more!!!

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XGen to Solve Waste Water Chlorination
Mineral Water Spa Chlorination Systems for Pool & Spa, Fountains
Mixed Oxidants for Potable Water & House Keeping Solutions
IceZone – SanICE
Air Care
And Much more

Proven Marine Solutions to reduce and eliminate the need for traditional hazardous chemicals to be purchased, shipped, loaded and stored aboard. Generating the future is now.

Peter Coletto
Managing Director

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TGMG’s Genova, Italy Warehouse Store will be stocked by September 1, 2011 with our M3 Black Water product to support our EU Customers. TGMG has partnered with Italian Seaways Group/ Cruise Logistics to offer faster and more responsive solutions to our customers globally. Products will be available much more quickly to ship and fill the needs of our customers throughout Europe. Additional expansion to other strategic locations in the near future.

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TGMG Inc. “Service Excellence & Program Solutions” – No Matter the division, Marine, Laundry, Equipment, Products, & Support.

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Reason for Updates

Every year food technology, equipment, and science change. In order to stay current, CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program makes revisions to both the operations manual as well as the construction guidelines.

VSP has begun the process again. Draft versions of the VSP Operations Manual and VSP Construction Guidelines are now open for public comment.

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Our new website has seen an increase in traffic, and people wishing for more information. 2011 will be a great year. Come be part of it!!!

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